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Finding The Rhythm Of Your Life

The end and start of a new year is always a time of excitement for having come thus far as well as a time of reflection about the previous year. It is a time when most of us take the time to evaluate ourselves and to set goals for the New Year. When I set out at the beginning of last year, I set myself to follow my heart and to settle for nothing less no matter how hard the going would be. It is always easier to give up than to press on. Each day we encounter numerous opportunities to give up. Pressing on is a choice that we must make on a daily basis. Like they say, life is all about choices and it is those very choices that determine the course and outcomes of our lives. Success in life is a total sum of what we do with the daily opportunities for success that we all encounter. Being able to recognize and to make the most of these opportunities is an art and skill that must be cultivated so as to be able to make the most of our days, months and years.
Following your heart begins with being able to recognize the rhythm and passion of your heart. In the midst of our daily schedules with deadlines and targets, it becomes very difficult to keep in tune with the rhythm of our hearts. Often times we are so consumed with the need to survive that we forget what really matters to us and if we dare to embrace these things, we might be so scared of missing the mark or ending up on the road of uncertainty so we abandon this pursuit. Passion is something that we all have and yet as we grow older, it is one of those things that we slowly begin to consider a luxury in life. The ability to succeed in any career is hinged on our drive and motivation, which is actually birthed out of our passion.
Passion refers to the zeal, enthusiasm, keenness and eagerness with which you approach a particular aspect of life. The things that we are most passionate about also tend to rhyme with our purpose for living and thus give us the highest form of self actualization. To live void of our life purpose is to live an empty life. Living is not about breathing but rather being able to make the world a better place with every breath that you take. This is an innate ability that we all have as human beings and the honor is upon each one of us as individuals to find our life purpose and to embrace it.
Living a purpose driven life is something that we all desire and aim for but this takes effort, consistency and commitment. Living purposefully begins with knowing who you are, what you are here for and finding ways of how to fulfill your life purpose. It is a life time commitment and a daily choice. I have learnt over the years that in order for us to develop the consistency regarding our passions and life purpose, we need to associate ourselves with the right people and the right information. What you read, forms your thought patterns and latter your actions. Who you associate with forms your beliefs and morals. What we are, is a total sum of what we know and what we do with that knowledge.
As I start another year, I am inspired not only to think of what I would like to accomplish in this New Year but rather how I can live better and make the world better each new day. If my goals only better my life then they are too shallow. Successful living means living beyond oneself. The true essence of living is the ability to enrich the lives of others and nature in the very way that we live. This ought to be the pattern and rhythm of our passions and life purpose no matter which direction they lead us.

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