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Live Each Day Like It Is The Last

When I heard about the sudden death of a dear friend, it shook me to the core because she was in my age bracket and her life was just beginning. I could not help but think about all the dreams and plans that she was unable to accomplish. I wondered whether she could have had the slightest idea that her days would soon come to an end?!
We wake up each day with the assumption that we will live to see yet another day and will be able to accomplish all the things that we intend to. A friend of mine had pointed out to me the day before that I was in the habit of procrastinating. I did not take it lightly because I thought she had judged me too harshly. In my opinion I thought she was being insensitive and pushing me to hard so as to get things done according to her schedule.
Putting these two scenarios together has re-awakened a new perspective about life that I had long forgotten. Life is like a mere breath, it only lasts for as long as you can hold it. Like a shifting cloud there is no clear guarantee that it will in the same place you last saw it. This can be frustrating and almost gives one a sense of meaninglessness but there is a lot to learn even there in.
Take an example of the farmer, he daily lives by the rule of the seasons. He dances to their tunes and aligns himself to their schedule. This is the only way he can be successful at what he does and be able to yield the most from his farm work. This in my opinion is the true approach to living. We are meant to go with the flow. It takes so little effort to go with the tides than to try to swim against the flow/ tides and yet this is what we are often doing with our lives.
If you ever stop to ask yourself, why you are struggling with whatever it is that is bothering you, you will realize it is because you are trying to go against the laws of nature and cycles of life. As human beings, we often times want to do things when and how we please because they give us the most pleasure and seem to make the most sense to us but this is not the way life is. If the farmer chooses to plant when he wants and how he wishes, it does not take a magician to prove that he is bound to end up with empty banns and wasted efforts.
Each day that we live offers us countless opportunities to make choices that will positively impact the lives of those we come into contact with. Unfortunately many of us procrastinate based on the assumption that these opportunities will come again and we will be able to do what we could have done at the moment. Sometimes we are lucky to have a second, third or even fourth chance to makes things right and yet other times we totally miss out on the opportunity.
Reflecting back on what my friend had said earlier, I realize that there is no need to post pond that which I can do right now. If it is with in my power to make something happen, there is no need for me to sleep over it or even wait for the ‘good’ feeling so as to be able to go ahead and do it. Each opportunity that comes your way is an opportunity of a life time. If we embrace this mindset, we will accomplish more than we can comprehend each day of our lives. If most of us knew how much time we had to live, we would do so many things differently. I believe we do not have to wait till the last moments of our lives; we can live each day like it is the last and make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. Make each day count, make each day memorable. Do what needs to be done now without postponing it.

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