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The Power Of Relationships

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you woke up one day on an Island by yourself?
It crossed my mind that many of us cannot stand our own presence and would rather crowd our lives with all sorts of people. Well that is because our happiness and sense of worth depends greatly on our skills in dealing with people (Dale Carneige). Our deepest and greatest need as human beings is the need to be accepted and appreciated. By meeting this need in the people that we come into contact with, we motivate them to follow and agree with us. This can only be possible if we attach value to every human being.
When dealing with people, we tend to remember that we are not dealing with creatures of logic but rather we are dealing with creatures of emotions. This is especially true when dealing with men. Society had labeled men as being emotionless but this is far from the truth. I have interacted with men who are actually more emotional than many ladies I know. The deepest and most accurate form of communication is when we are able to communicate at the emotional level irrespective of who we are communicating with. When we touch the emotions of another person, then we have fully communicated. Our ability to build strong healthy relationships is determined by our ability to relate at an emotional level. When you touch someone’s emotions, you have touched who they really are.
The desire for a feeling of importance is one of the chief distinguishing differences between mankind and the animals. By trying to understand individuals and how they get their feeling of importance, we can easily define their character and pamper their ego in so doing to make them want to do what is required of them. The greatest asset we can possess is the ability to bring out the best in others which can be done by giving appropriate appreciation and encouragement.
In order to build strong healthy relationships, we must be genuinely interested in other people. This is made evident by our ability to remember fundamental details about them such as their names, work place or contacts. A friend of mine once told me that if you want to know your stand with a person, trying finding out what you are ‘saved as’ in their phone book. There is a tendency to label people in the most vivid way we can remember them right from their odd mannerisms to their outstanding physical details. Interestingly, we never struggle to recall the contacts of people who are dear to us because we tend to know them by heart.
Talking about this reminds me of times I have found myself in a tight corner only to be rescued by a person that I least expected to do so. That is definitely the power of relationships. My mother always says that every seed of kindness will one day bear you a fruitful harvest when you need it the most so never stop sowing. This is so hard to keep up with in this fast paced and dot com era in which we are living. We need to treat each person that we meet like our tomorrow depends on it.  When we treat people the right way, they will definitely do the same in one way or another. Sometimes the seed of kindness take a while to germinate and bear fruit but they definitely do so in the course of time. You may never eat the fruits yourself but you surly create a better world for generations to come. Come to think of it, most of the tree shades we enjoy were planted by people that have long moved on but we are still able to enjoy the fruits of their good deeds.
Our working relationships are a reflection of our level of success in life. our reputation is hinged on the principle of successful working relationships. Who we want to be is determined by how well we work and deal with people.

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