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Whatever Happens, be Positive

There are numerous lessons that life teaches us from time to time. One of the best ones that it teaches us over and over again, yet we fail to realize it is to be positive in life.
Our mind is a home for both the constructive and the destructive self. The destructive self will keep telling you that there are thousand people in this world better than you at your task. The constructive self acknowledges to it and motivates you to keep working on your abilities to beat those thousands of people out there.
What separates the winners from others is the realization of delusions. Those huge sets of problems that we create for ourselves whenever we set out to achieve our goals are works of the negative power within. The trouble is when we set out we have energy to fight, the start is always positive. Yet, as the path gets long, the road gets bumpy, you lose energy. Every failure, every small incorrect move and your mind keep filling up with doubt. The negative forces thrive on mistakes we commit. Sooner, than later one gives up, depressed and dejected.
There is a very simple concept to outperforming your own self. Those who successfully endeavor to overcome those negative side of one’s inner self always reach the finishing line in record time.
Every time you go out and try to stretch your boundaries have the magic wands with you. These include faith, hope, happiness, belief, optimism, patience, persistence, and an understanding of reality. Listen to the angels within. They might not be loud yet their words are worth in gold. Comprehend the world around you. There are rules to getting successful on things. Failures are staircase and success comprises of every extra step you took from your last attempt. The boundaries that we define around us are not for real. These are illusions created by the scary side of our mind telling us not to look beyond. Ignore that advice and look beyond for there might be easier paths leading to your destination. Each successful step builds up strength of the optimist within.

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