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Authenticity Releases Your Excellence

Authenticity begins with embracing who we are in light of our abilities. Who we are has nothing to do with other people’s view of us but rather how we view ourselves. We each have an internal picture of what we ought to be and what others ought to behold us for. We strive to make that picture a reality in spite of the natural tendencies to slip back into the false pretense of who we want to be.

Take an example of a child; they are so authentic in their infant stage that often times as adults we wish we could be what they are. They only speak that which comes from the heart and express their sincere emotions without any fear of judgment. That is what draws us to them yet we dare not embrace the same.

Our character is formed in the wombs of our environments. What we grow up seeing, hearing and experiencing prepares us to embrace life a certain way. Without any negative exposure, we remain pure and sincere to ourselves. When we are faced with multiple options we embrace diversity just like if we have too few options to learn from we become pessimistic and narrow minded. We get locked up in a time frame that has no escape route. It would have to take an outsider to set us free from these self-imposed limitations.

Authenticity comes when we realistically take an honest look at ourselves and choose to be who we were designed to be. You were wired a certain way so you would fulfill specific tasks in life. A good friend of mine always says; “Why dare live your life like somebody else when indeed you can be of good inspiration to others?”  We all want to follow authentic people because they challenge us to embrace the inner realities of who we are. An authentic person releases a transforming force from the things that they do. There is no error in what they choose because they choose from a point of truth.

In order to be authentic, we need to embrace our unique internal make up. The features that make us stand out from everybody else. What only you can do with perfection is your mark of excellence. Duplication waters down your potential while being authentic brings it to its fullest expression. What you don’t like about yourself could turn out to be your selling point. It could be the very thing that others are willing to buy into. Take an example of an artist who wants to be a physician; he is bound to struggle all the way because he is setting himself up for what does not come naturally to him.

In being authentic, we excel beyond our wildest dreams. We embrace an inner potential that sets us apart from the rest. We walk a path that has been cut out for us. We are able to achieve our highest goals because we build on a strong foundation. Be of cheer if others think you are different because then you have started to isolate yourself from the massive control of others into a zone of authenticity. When we embrace the journey to become authentic, we miss the simple joys of forming the crowd and start to trail blaze the way for others to follow. Pace setters are people who know who and what they are.

Be You and excel at being the best You- be authentic!

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