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Develop The Learning Culture

As we start another beautiful week, it is good to remind ourselves of the enormous opportunities for growth and change that lie before us. Like the dawning of a new day is laden with blessings and open doors, so is the unveiling of a new week. The attitude with which we embrace this new adventure will determine how much we shall be able to accomplish by the end of the week. I challenge you and myself to aspire to be all that we can be as we reach for our high places and make the world a better place.

We live in a knowledge based age and each day we interact with numerous sources of information that claim our attention. It is inevitable that we must be informed with valuable information so as to stay relevant in our careers and spheres of influence. The day we stop learning is the day we start dying. Like a friend of mine normally says; “You can die at 30 and be buried at 60 year”.

I started off with very few advantages in life. But I had one thing going for me: reading. As a girl, I loved to read. As an adult, I got hooked on reading and learning. Over the years, I found that virtually every successful person I know who has started with nothing and worked his or her way up has done it through a commitment to study and personal development.

One of the most empowering of all rules is: “You can learn anything you need to learn to achieve any goal you can set for yourself.”
This is one of the great principles of success according to Brian Tracy. “Properly applied, this means that there are no real limitations on what you can accomplish. If you are clear about your goal, you can then identify the knowledge that you will need to achieve it. When you learn what you need to learn, and then apply that knowledge, the achievement of your goal becomes almost inevitable.”
Just imagine! You can start off with nothing but an intense desire to be successful and then, by the process of self-study and self-development, you can learn anything you need to learn to achieve any goal you can set for yourself.

It is never too late to start because the race is not to the swift but rather to those who cultivate the discipline of endurance. At the end of each day, take off some time to evaluate yourself by asking two simple questions;

1.    What have I learnt today?
2.    How have I made the world a better place today?

Answering these questions on a regular basis will enable you to live a purpose driven life, one that is enriching both for you and the people that you serve or influence. Choose to be the best that you can be and the world will have no choice but to celebrate you.

Have a fruitful and blessed week.

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