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Ideas are the key to your future

Every business, career or achievement was birthed out of a single idea. It takes one idea to over throw an empire, build a state of the art building, start a million dollar enterprise, to become a super star or whatever it is you would like to accomplish. The difference between where you are and where you want to go is the idea that will unlock your untapped potential so as to explore all possible opportunities. It takes one brilliant idea to totally change your life for the better.

We are all born with amazing potential to enable us fulfill our life purpose. To each one of us is given talents according to our abilities. That talent could be a skill or an idea that holds the potential to unlock your destiny. We are each cut out for a specific special purpose that answers the reason for our existence.

Regular ideas yield regular results while outstanding ideas yield outstanding results. On the higher side of life, divine ideas yield supernatural results. We each have a choice regarding which realm we would rather operate from. What makes an idea exceptional is its ability to unlock potential and provide solution to complex challenges.

The fact is that, “Your success will be in direct proportion to the quality and quantity of ideas that you can generate to improve your current circumstances.” You can dramatically increase the odds in your favor by constantly seeking new ideas to help you to achieve your goals.
Ideas are the keys to the future. Ideas are the primary source of value today. Ideas are the cream of knowledge rising to the top. The more ideas you generate, the more likely it is that you will discover the right idea at the right time for you.

When I set out to start Kyusa (, all I had was passion and a brilliant idea. The future looked bright but I sincerely didn’t know how to start. The more I concentrated on polishing my idea, the more it attracted the right people and resources. I spend more time thinking about how to deliver a better program than how to find the money. If you do an excellent job, the right people and resources will find their way to you.

Invest time and resources in sharpening your idea because it will inevitably pay off in terms of increase, promotion, excellence, recognition and self actualization.
But remember, ideas in and of themselves have no value. It is only your ability to take an idea and to apply it in such a way that you can bring about some result or improvement that adds worth to the idea. You must personally make the idea worth something.

Life Application:
·         The key to being successful in life is identifying your purpose for living and spending the rest of your life fulfilling that purpose.
·         Not every idea will work for you, look out for ideas that resonate with your passion, personality, skills and abilities. You will thrive most in ideas that incorporate these different aspects of your life.
·         Before you share your idea with other, take some time to think and pray through it until it becomes a conviction that no one can talk you out of.

Action points:
Ø  Get a journal or note book that you commit to documenting all the ‘brilliant’ ideas that cross your mind
Ø  Develop a team of like minded people who believe in you with whom you can share regularly your ideas for sharpening and feedback

Ø  Set aside time regularly to think, reflect and meditate on your life goals and plans so as to develop effectively strategies in the form of ideas regarding how to get there.

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