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Knowledge Is Power

‘’It has often been said that knowledge is power. But the fact is that only applied knowledge is power. Only knowledge that can be utilized to bring about a benefit that someone will pay for is power in today’s economy.
How do you determine the value of a piece of new knowledge? Simple. Valuable knowledge increases your ability to get results for other people. Valueless knowledge does not. There are enormous quantities of knowledge taught in universities that are absolutely true, but totally useless in the real world, because they cannot be translated into a value that someone will pay for.
One of the problems facing college graduates is that they are often shocked to find out that they have spent three or four years learning about subjects that no one but themselves really cares about. No employer is willing to pay them for a degree in archeology or anthropology. This is why fully 80% of college graduates find themselves working outside their fields of study within two years of leaving school. They finally have to find something to do that actually benefits other people.’’
By Brian Tracy
Creating your world- pg:103
Life application:
Invest in valuable knowledge that makes you more valuable to other people. Invest in knowledge that increases your competence and relevant in your work place. Valuable knowledge is what you need to double your pay cheque, get that promotion, win the next big deal and stand out from the crowd of competitors.
Action points:
·         Develop a reading culture
o   Invest in self-help and personal development books
o   Read at least one chapter a day
·         Take off at least 30 minutes – one hour daily to reflect on what you are learning about life and work

·         Always carry a note book to write down ideas that flash across your mind as you go about different things

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