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Love Is Central To What You Do

One of the greatest forces in the world is the Power of Love. This power has been summarized as a principle which says that, “Everything you do in life is either to get love or to compensate for lack of love.”

Another effect of this Law of Love is that, “You will only be truly successful and happy when you commit yourself wholeheartedly to doing what you most love to do.”

A lot of us do things for survival, necessity or simply to get by but with little or no emotional attachment to them. It is a shame that many people are in jobs they don’t love simply because of the pay check at the end of the month.

It is almost impossible for you to get going and keep going on your journey toward excellence unless you really love and enjoy your chosen field. Without this powerful commitment, when the going gets tough, you will quit and try something else.

One indicator is the difference between Facebook posts on Monday morning and Friday evening for many people employed in the formal sector. It seems like each Monday morning is a drag into self made prisons and Friday comes as a relief so people can go do the things that they love.
Here’s a question for you. If you won a million dollars cash tomorrow, and you could do anything that you wanted to as a job or occupation, what would it be? In other words, if you had all the time and money that you needed, and you felt that you were free to choose any occupation, what would you most love to do?

The most successful and happy people in our world today are men and women who have thrown their whole hearts into becoming excellent at doing something that they care about, something that they feel really makes a difference in the world.

You are engineered and designed by nature in a very special way. You will only be genuinely happy and successful when you feel that you are doing something that really benefits other people in some way. This external focus, on making a difference in the lives and work of others, is the common characteristic of almost all high performing, highly paid, highly respected and valued people in our society.

Don’t just do a job to earn a living, find something that you love doing and not only will you earn a fortune; you will build a legacy for generations to come. Wake up each day excited to go do the things that you love and excellence will be inevitable. You were created to operate at your highest point of potential and that only comes when you find your deepest passion which acts as a spring into your highest achievement. Be the best you can be and each day will become a celebration of life and purpose.

Noeline Kirabo

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