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Preparation Puts You On the Side Of the Angels

Any major achievement in life will require thorough preparation and diligence in implementation. People spend thousands of hours preparing for a 30 minutes ‘angelic’ presentation because perfection comes with practice. Whatever it is that you desire to accomplish in life, you must make the time for thorough preparation.

The principle cuts across all spheres of life; including building a house, preparing for marriage, a baby, setting up a company and making a major investment. The greater the goal, the greater the preparation required. We can tell what type of building is being erected by looking at the foundation. Foundations say everything we want to know about the durability, height and stability of a building. How you live your life now is a reflection of the destiny you anticipate.

What kind of foundation are you laying for your destiny? The wise build on the rock so that their buildings can withstand the storms of life while the foolish build on sand. It takes a lot of hard work and investment to lay a foundation in a rocky place while it is so easy to construct on a plain ground however building on a rock will pay off in the long run. Your willingness to prepare thoroughly determines how well you will do, how far you will go, and how much you will earn.

Your outer world of accomplishments will exactly reflect your inner world of preparation. If at any time, you are not happy with your outer world of results and rewards, you have to go back to work on yourself. We live out that which we are on the inside so true change must begin from within. You have to change your inner world so that it is more consistent with what you want to on the outside.

Build for eternity; build a legacy that will outlive your days. I want to be remembered for how I changed the world and not merely the amount of wealth I amassed. There is distinctive difference between living a fruitful live and living a purpose driven life. People know us by the fruit of our lives but purpose will set you apart from the crowd and set you on the side of angles. When your purpose is clear, you will live your life in a way that adds value to others and aspires to make the world a better place. This will require a life dedicated to being the best that one can be each day of their lives.

“Prepare for your destiny like you would for eternity and everything you do will bear a mark of divinity.” Noeline Kirabo

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