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Smart Work Pays More Than Hard Work

You have heard it said that hard work pays, but have you ever wondered why the people who seem to work the hardest also tend to earn the least. This is because; there is a difference between working hard and working smart.

The quantity of labour does not necessarily determine the size of the reward however reward is normally proportionate to the quality of labour. People are rewarded not for what they did but rather how well they accomplished a given task. Only the winner in a race wins the prize while the others are appreciated for participating.

Choose to be a winner in life and not a mere participant by working smart. Working smart has to do with using one’s creative and innovative abilities. We all can think creatively and outside the box if we choose to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Remember the most unique and outstanding idea always wins. Take time to think through your goals, investments and tasks before embarking on them. Ask yourself, how else can this be accomplished other than the ordinary way? The more you train yourself to think creatively, the more innovative you will become and the more you will earn from your ideas.

Muscles without skills to use them are simply a show off. Your gift will make room for you to stand before kings but the wisdom to rightly apply that gift is what will sustain you there. Put your brain to work and others will work to implement your ideas. Smart work pays much better than mere hard work.

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