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Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Engine

I have come across so many people who have passions, dreams and aspirations that they would like to pursue but for some unknown reason they are gripped by fear and can’t seem to work past that fear. Often times the fear is related failure, other people’s opinions or the assumption that one is not competent enough to work through a given pursuit.

The key to actually getting started is stepping out of the comfort zone by embracing these crippling fears. Here are some keys that can get you started;

1) Analyze your strength and opportunities in favor of your pursuit.
Most of us are more conscious of our weaknesses than we are of our strength. It’s time to do a stock taking of your strength and opportunities, these can include;
Acquired skills from formal and informal training that could be vital for the success of your venture/ pursuit.
Knowledge gained from formal and informal education that empowers you to successfully embark on your project. Knowledge is power so gather as much knowledge as you can about the venture you want to start. You can learn so much from the documentations of other people which will save you lots of mistakes.
Working and volunteer experience comes in handy as you embark on new ventures. You can gather so much from your prior experiences that can ensure the success of your new venture.
Start by exploring your available resources. Before you take note of what you don’t have, start by working within the means of what is already available to you.
Vital contacts from your social media accounts and phone book come in handy as you consider networks and contacts for your new venture. It is easier to start with familiar ground than selling a new idea to an unfamiliar ground. Make use of the people in your networks and hopefully they will link you to their wider networks.
Support networks are very important when you start a new venture. Some days things will get tough and you will need people to encourage you, so identify people from whom you can draw moral support as you launch your venture.
Natural abilities are an ingredient for quick steady success. We are more prone to succeed in ventures that tap into our natural abilities. Start by linking your talents, passions and skills with your pursuits.

2) Explore the possibility of partnership
Often times as an entrepreneur, your vision will be bigger than your current status and can thus seem to overwhelm you. Two heads are better than one and a chord of three is stronger than a single one. Sometimes partnering with like minded people will ease your load and quicken your start up process.
Identify like minded people who are interested and willing to work on your project.
Be willing to share and sell you vision to potential partners in a manner that gets them interested in working with you.
Partner with people who have more value to add to you and the project than you have to offer them. a weak partnership will only way you down and frustrate you so go for strong partnerships.

3) Be willing to start small
Many entrepreneurs have big dreams and aspire to start big which can be fatal. Any successful venture must have a pilot project or a prototype that proves beyond reasonable doubt that the model actually works. Be willing to start small as you work towards the big picture. Starting small will minimize your risks and loses in case things don’t go according to plan. Remember that starting small does not mean you will always be small. Your beginning does not define your ending but rather gives it a proper projection.

When the time is right, be willing to spread your wings and fly. Scaling up can seem like another huge venture but it is only part of the journey so plan for it and anticipate it as you wait for the right time.

One way of encouraging yourself is by celebrating every small milestone. Take note of every progress that you make and be intentional about celebrating those moments. Not only will this keep you motivated, it will also ignite your creative abilities so as to generate more milestones worth celebrating.

Whatever your dream is, go for it without holding back.

“There are no limits except those we set for ourselves.”

Noeline Kirabo

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