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A Single Encounter with A King

It takes only one encounter with the right person, at the right time to have your life totally changed. I had one of those kinds of encounters recently and the impact of that single moment still lingers in my life days later. It took Esther of the bible only one night with the king to have her life, destiny and that of her people totally changed.
I have known this person for a while but from a distance. I have listened to him teach, preach and even give wise counsel in different forums but never had I fathomed the depth of his impact until the day I had a single encounter with him. What started off as an unofficial meeting, turned out to be a life changing moment for me.

In that single moment, I was able to see from an eagle’s view what I needed to do for the next phase of my life and how I could position myself for greatness. I never anticipated the results of that single meeting. Each statement and phrase was loaded with wisdom, insight and thorough knowledge of the subject. It felt like sitting at the well and drinking from fresh waters. I never took any notes but I sure downloaded a whole lot of what was said in that single encounter.

As I drove home that evening, different pieces of the puzzle begun to fall in place and suddenly many things made sense. More than the ideas, this person has a contagious courage and attitude that seem to rub onto you simply by associating with him. I gained a new sense of courage and confidence in the things that I do. For a moment I was awakened to the reality of the giant within me. This effect is still lingering on, days later.

This encounter reminded me about Esther and the fact that we do not need several encounters to be transformed. A single divine encounter with the right person at the right time will position you at the threshold of your greatness. Preparation must meet opportunity for an encounter to be successful, so you must learn to prepare your heart to meet with greatness.  Never go into the presence of another king half-heartedly, have an open heart and a willing attitude.

It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Are you ready for your destiny; are you ready to be birthed into your next level? Your readiness has to do with the state of your heart and the willingness to drink from the wells of the divine connections that come your way.

It takes just one encounter with a king to turn your life around.
Noeline Kirabo

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