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Turning Your Storms Into Monuments

Life sometimes throws you offside and off track but life goes on at all costs. I have had moments in my life where I thought I would never make it past that storm but I have learnt that every storm soon comes to an end. However what remains at the end of the storm is very important because that is the only testimony of what was and the prediction of what could be.

Recently I went through a gruesome experience of losing something I had waited for and anticipated to have for years. It seemed like a bad dream, I wished to wake up from. No explanation could make sense of the situation and yet here I was caught up in the midst of what seemed like a raging storm. In that moment I had two choices; to stay in the pit and wallow in my self-pity or turn every pile of sand swept my way by the storm into a stepping stone? I chose the latter and that is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Whenever you are caught up in a tough situation, there is always a way out and that greatly depends on the choices you make in the midst of that circumstance. When a heavy storm occurs in a given place, a lot can be lost and damaged but a few landmarks will stand the test of time as a testimony to what was and the possibility of what can be.

Your life is a testimony of the fact that you lived through situations and came out stronger than you went in. You stand as a landmark to what was and the possibility of what can be. That which can’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Whatever storm may be raging in your life, remember that it will soon come to an end. When all is said and done, you will be found standing because you are stronger than any storm. They only make you stronger.

In turning your storms into monuments, it all begins with the attitude you embrace as you go through the storm. Embrace the fact that you are a giant and a pace setter. Live your life like you are a living definition of success. The fact is that you are marked out for greatness and can choose to be unstoppable. Exercise your will to live, to win and to succeed no matter what comes your way. Be the champion of your dreams and keep pressing on. Every scar will soon become a star and a monument of victory celebration.

My life is a monument of the fact that I lived, I overcame, I excelled and I am thriving. What testimony does your life bear to those around you? It’s all about choice, will and perseverance.

Awaken to the greatness in you.
Noeline Kirabo

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