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Recognizing Your Tools For Greatness

There is no doubt that we are all called to greatness and yet the manifestation of that fact will differ from one person to another. Looking at the life of David and his call to greatness, one thing that struck me is the tools that propelled him into greatness.

David was given the armor of Saul to wear in preparation to engage with Goliath and in that moment, he came face to face with the reality that he was not designed for that kind of armor or ammunition. He was a shepherd boy and skilled at using slings and smooth stones. Although he had won major battles with wild beasts, he was still unschooled in the latest war strategies of his day and age.

The Lord prepares each of us for our assignments and because of the uniqueness of each assignment; our experiences are equally unique and sometimes out of the ordinary range. David had to tend flock much of his childhood so as to develop the true heart of a shepherd that would shepherd God’s people; and had to learn to use slings so he could learn to rely on God and His grace to preserve him.

One of the things I always dreaded was to be at the forefront of a project or assignment and yet that is where exactly I would keep finding myself positioned. I even prayed and asked God never to give me a senior or top leadership position preferring to support others as they lead. A couple of years later, I found myself in top leadership positions so I learnt to make peace with it. I realized that all my experiences were preparing me for a time as this.

Equipped with all the necessary training and knowledge plus eight years working experience, I felt ready for my assignments. When I tried on the standard armor, it just didn’t seem to fit well. I did not feel at ease and I wondered why the puzzle was not matching up. I inquired of the Lord regarding the current state of affairs and chose to align with his word. The strategies and concepts that God instructed me to use did not make much sense to the senior consultants that I shared with. I had a choice to make; to do it Gods way or stick to the ‘rule of the book’.

Like David, I embraced the smooth stones that I was acquainted with and that the Lord and commissioned me to use. The results were amazing and they still blow me a way. As a growing organization, we have experienced tremendous success and outstanding results with the youth we empower. It has nothing to do with the individuals that do the work but the grace that comes with the strategies that have been used.

As we embrace greatness, it is important to read, be knowledgeable and acquainted with the theories of our career fields. It is however paramount that you recognize the skills set and tools that are tailored for you. Your success will be dependent on your ability to operate at optimum potential and this happens when you fit in your own shoe size.

The more I have studied God’s word, the more I have realized that God has an opinion about every aspect of our lives and all we have to do is seek it out. Your career is your ministry so there is no way you can excel at it unless you follow the blue print laid down for you by Him who has the final say. Stick to what works for you and recognize the uniqueness in your approach. All that you have gone through, has prepared you to be where you are so have confidence that the principles that God used to propel you to success before can still work even in your current situation as long as you align with His word. Your unique experiences are an indicator of your unique destiny; so if the tools work, stick to them until you get further divine instructions.

Rehearse with your tools in private and when the time is right you will show them forth as proven models. Simply because no one has tried it before does not mean that it doesn’t work. That could be the very thing that propels you to greatness. David’s giant killing strategy was unheard of yet highly effective because it was divine. A smooth stone in an anointed hand yields extra ordinary results.

Noeline Kirabo

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