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Definite Goals

This afternoon I had the opportunity to meet with a young graduate who was seeking my guidance regarding the career choices he wants to make. He has an intriguing story that would easily capture a person’s heart and attention so I was definitely tuned into him following through his discourse. Then we came to the point where I challenge him to take some actions and I realized that this young man has great dreams and ambitions but no concrete goals to help him follow through with his pursuit.

I was puzzled by how such an intelligent person could have missed this basic success principle. The discourse started with me asking him to tell me where he sees himself in the next five years. Although he had a vague idea of what he wanted to accomplish, the biggest part of it was ambiguous with no concrete strategies to enable him accomplish these targets. Then I asked him to tell me about his goals for this year and he immediately reached for his phone before letting me know that they were not recorded there.

Many people like this young man have great intentions and ambitions but no concrete plans to achieve them. Goals are not meant to be written and kept away until further notice but rather they are landmarks that we must constantly remind ourselves of so as to ensure that we stay on track. Goals must be followed through with strategies that align with what we hope to accomplish. If you are unable to state your goals then chances are that you will not accomplish them. We easily accomplish the things on which we set our minds and hearts.

It is not good enough to set goals periodically, you should go the extra mile of meditating on those goals until you know them by heart. The motivation to keep going when all else fails will come from the deep convictions you have about the things you want to accomplish. If you can’t remember it then chances are it will not get done. Intrinsic motivation is unstoppable and it comes from knowing what we desire and being so convinced about our ability to accomplish the goals set before us.

Know your goals by heart and regularly meditate as well as reflect on what the finished product will be. This will keep you going when you feel like giving up.

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