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How Big Is Your Vision?

Vision is a commonly used word and yet one that is rarely intertwined in the facets of our lives. The majority of us have physical sight but only a few have visions that are big enough to have a life time impact on the world. Vision is not what you see with your eyes but rather that which forms the convictions of your heart. So how big is your vision?

According to the late Dr. Myles Munroe; “Vision is the function of the heart while sight is the function of the eyes.” Sight is what is accomplished through the function of your eyes, while vision can only be made aware through the revelation of one’s heart.  Look around you and you will soon realize that everything you see was once an idea, a vision that someone had which has now been fulfilled and manifested.

Often times when people talk about vision, they use it in reference to the next five or ten years. But have you ever wondered what your company or vision will look like in 50, 100 or even 200 years to come? Now that can literally blow you mind away if you give it thorough thought. It will require you to live for something far bigger than yourself, a vision that will outlive your earthly days.

Many people settle for less because they embrace a vision that is too small to have lasting impact. Think beyond yourself and allow yourself to explore all the possibilities. You don’t have to limit yourself to your current resources, experience, networks or even qualifications. There is no cost to dreaming however the fulfillment there of will come at a cost and often times a high one.

When you envision the impossible becoming possibilities, you will excel above the reach of an ordinary man. Stretch your eyes of faith and behold that which your heart is passionate about, then go after it each day of your life and there will never be another idle or wasted day in your life. Be so passionate about your vision that nothing will be able to stop you from pursuing it.

Vision is the key to moving from what was and what is, to taking us forward into what could be, and what has not ever been before. Vision sets you free from the limits of what the eyes can see and allows you to enter into the freedom of what the heart can feel. It is vision that makes what isn’t seen visible and possibilities out of the unknown.

The possibilities are limitless to a person who has conquered the key principle of establishing a vision for their life and follows it feverishly until the desired result is met!

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  1. Wow.
    Yes indeed.
    A vision is this powerful.
    It takes you beyond what the eyes can see to what the heart feels.
    Thanks Noeline.