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The Best Way To Learn

Research has shown that the best way to learn is by doing and this cuts across all facets of learning. We live in a knowledge age where we are daily flooded with lots of information from different sources. The internet revolution has made it possible for anyone who has access to the internet to gather information on almost any given topic. I have had the privilege of taking online courses as well as correspondence courses and it is a great learning experience.

I meet young people so often who have made ‘Google’ their best friend simply because they can find answers to any challenge or question on this search engine. Gone are the days when students had to wait for their parents to get answers to difficult homework assignments, all the parent have to do is avail access to internet for their children and they can be assured that homework will be done on time. Indeed this is a dot com generation.

In spite of all the easy access to information and data, we have an informed generation without expertise. It is possible to be know something about everything and still be an expert at nothing. The problem is not the access to the information but rather how we apply this knowledge to our everyday lives. Access to information does not negate learning but rather is a means to an end. For one to fully grasp a matter, they must find the connection between the knowledge and its relevance in real life situations. To fully learn, we must test what we learn through application.

Start by choosing a topic or theme or even a career path where you would like to become an expert of sort. Gather as much information as you can about the matter and then try applying that information to your life and circumstances. Test for yourself to be sure that it is relevant and applicable. Then go out and find opportunities and avenues to share what you are learning with other people. The more you share and teach about something, the more it will become clearer for you.

The best way to learn is by teaching. Don’t just collect information, be willing to share your learning experiences with others.

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