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The Art Of Relaxation

Following my recent episode with a burnout, I feel obliged to share more about how I worked my way out it and found my groove again. Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion. It manifests in depression-like symptoms such as lost motivation, decreased productivity, and feelings of cynicism and hopelessness.

I knew that I had to take immediate actions to bounce back from that state before it got out of hand. For someone in this extreme state, the very thought of embarking upon a proactive path to recovery may seem overwhelming. I did not have the zeal or energy to attempt snapping out of this state although I was convinced it was the right thing to do.

Learning to bring the body and mind to a state of relaxation is critical to building resilience. Yet relaxing on cue is virtually impossible when you’re both tired and wired. I decided that I would start by making a list of some of the things that would naturally make me happy and come a live under normal circumstances. Although writing that list felt like climbing a steep hill, I pushed myself through it.

The cornerstone of looking good is feeling good. Well-being is an individualist concept and begins with self-exploration and learning what works best for you.” Sheldon Ginsberg

Reading this quote reminded me of the fact that life is a matter of choice because what makes me happy will definitely not work for every one. At the end of the day, the goal was to do something that makes me happy and come alive. This would mean stepping away from my usual routines and tight deadlines for a while. This is exactly what i dreaded
yet it seemed like the most appropriate option under the given circumstances.

I zeroed in on a few activities and embarked on a journey to let go of all the stress. The start was hard because i did not want to do anything besides sleep or stare in blank space. The baby steps soon because actual nature walks, epic moments with friends and simply pampering myself. Oh yes I felt great and soon I began to feel my grove once again.

The key is finding that which works for you as an individual and exploring those alternatives. Start with the simpler activities that do not require a lot of energy as you work towards more energy intensive activities or even the other way round if that is what works for you.

Recently while taking with a friend, I was reminded of the importance of staying alive and alert to the needs of the child in each of us. Often times as adults we forget to connect with the child in us which is vital to keeping us young, youthful and vibrant.

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