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Staring strong #5 Write Daily

Reading goes hand in hand with writing. The human brain is bound to forget and the only way to refresh its memory from time to time is by bringing things to remembrance of which writing is one of the most efficient ways to track details and data over a period of time. Writing can be done manually or electronically with the latest invasion of various apps meant to aid us in that regard.
About ten years ago, I was introduced to the habit of journaling. At first it seemed like an up hill task but today it is a part of my nature. Journaling involves takes time at the start or end of each day to reflect on the events of the previous day to trace milestones and memorable moments that you would like to bring to remembrance in the near future. You then jot down these reflections in a journal or a book you have set aside for journaling purposes. If you are a gadget person, you can also use an app or the notes apps to track your reflections.

It has been said that it takes 21 days to establish a habit so consistency is very important especially in the early stages of forming this habit. The more you do it, the more natural it will become and the more easier that habit will be. My journaling style has evolved over the years but I still do track daily milestones only that now I capture more of my learning experiences through the various books that I read.
If you aspire to become a writer in whatever sense, I encourage you nurture the habit of daily journaling and taking notes of your reflections. I know great people who have turned their journals into great books over time. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Before you write your first book, aspire to write your first journal in 2017.

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