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Starting Strong #12 Be part of a growing movement

We are privileged to live at a time where the flow of information is almost as fast as the speed of light. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun, everything you desire to do has been done or at least already been attempted by someone. Running a solo race can be much harder than being part of moving herd.
A couple of years ago I was introduced to the concept of finding one’s tribe in the sense of finding people with whom you share a common goal and vision. Last year through a series of teachings at my church I was introduced to the concept of movements. This was appropriately placed along my path because I am passionate about building legacies. The concept resonated with my heart beat and I immediately adopted it.

For the last one year I have aligned myself with a movement that is resourcing people for community transformation. This simply put is my personal mission and being part of a tribe has energized my personal vision, mission and commitment to the things that am passionate about. Finding your rhythm within the beats of a tribe is key to sustainable growth and increased ability to facilitate impact as well as transformation.
There is no doubt that we can accomplish much more together however that depends on the single mindedness of the members. Find a tribe or movement that bears the beats of your heart and rally with it. Run with the vision and make it personal. The impact of the tribe will soon become your bench mark and there’s no telling how much you will be able to accomplish for as long as you stay aligned with the vision of the tribe.
If you have the intention to increase your impact and influence, be part of a growing movement that is in tune with your personal vision.

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