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Starting Strong #14 Adopt a positive mindset

Positivity is the energy that drives the 21st century. We live in a time where bad news, terror and conflict are the order of the day. It takes a high voltage of positive energy to be able to see the good amidst all the degeneration going on around us. We don’t have to look for the wrong because it’s constantly before our eyes but rather we have to be intentional in seeing the good in every situation.
A positive attitude is the conscious decision to look out for the good in every situation. You can choose to be positive by looking on the brighter side of life. Every challenge or problem bears the seed of opportunity and only those who look intently with a positive mentality will actualize the opportunity. The difference between where you are and where you want to go lies in your mindset.

As we think so are we, by changing our mindset we change our lifestyle. Whatever it is you are tired of in your life, change your attitude towards it and you will be able to see new alternatives and opportunities to address that situation. We each have the choice to either see the glass as half full or as half empty.
As you embrace this new year and race for your life, forget what lies behind you and press on to take hold of your high calling. Don’t base your future on your past rather envision the purpose of your life and keep running with it. People who win in life are those who choose to embrace their greatness no matter the set backs.
To embrace a positive mindset you will have to learn to be grateful for all things, at all times. A merry heart has a continual feast. Be intentional about appreciating and celebrating every experience knowing it’s working for your good. See the spark amidst the darkness and hold fast to the hope that the morning light will soon arrive. Become a force of positive energy and the universe will align with your mission to make provision for it’s fulfillment.

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