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Starting Strong #2 Make each day count

How you start your day has a great impact on how much you’re able to accomplish at the end of each day. Starting Strong will involve having a clear sense of purpose and priorities for each day. When you fail to plan your day, you inevitably plan to fail.
Have you ever wondered why some people accomplish so much in one day than others? The answer lies in the fact that someone people are intentional about what they want to accomplish each day while others simply sail through their daily events. Be intentional about making each day count by living intentionally.

Be in the moment, if you’re at work be intentional about working instead of day dreaming. Wake up with the commitment to make every minute and hour count. Ask yourself at the top of each hour what you have accomplished in that hour and you will be amazed at how focused you will become.
Treat your time the same way you treat your money and you shall be able to add value to every minute. Avoid procrastination and time wasting by keeping a daily log of your schedule and activities.
Your goals will become reality when you take the time to do something daily that contributes to their accomplishment. When you live each day like it counts, you will make each day and inevitably week as well as year count.

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