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Starting strong #3 Develop the habit of reading daily

This year together with a couple of friends we formed an accountability group with the sole purpose of challenging ourselves to read 52 books in 52 weeks. I have been reading for the last ten years or so but not with such intensity. This is the first time I am committing to read a book each week and I keep asking myself why I took this long.
The key to being able to read systematically is to develop a theme for each month and then choose a book for each week. I decided to start with personal finance as a theme for January and my first book is 21 secrets of self made millionaires. The reality is all successful people have a common hunger for knowledge that is relevant to them and their field of influence.

It has been said that the day you stop reading is the day you start dying. I started out reading for fun but now it has become a second nature. reading often times goes with writing. Most if not all the good writers I know, are great readers. Writing can be an outlet for your learning experiences.
I meet youth who aspire to be public or motivational speakers but have no interest in reading and I simply laugh. How can you give what you don’t have. The flow of knowledge works like a river not a pond. A fresh water river has both an inlet and an outlet. If you aspire to have great influence in any sphere of life, you must aspire to learn everything there is about that field. When you stop reading, you become irrelevant over time.

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