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Starting Strong # 4 Investing in your spiritual nourishment

We live in a world where many people are obsessed with being successful at the expense of who they truly are. What will it profit a man to gain the whole would yet lose his soul? Yet we see this cycle repeat itself so often that we lose count of the frequency.
I believe that true success is a reflection of who you truly are. Aligning your true identity with what you’re passionate about will definitely yield success. When we pursue success apart from our true identity, we end up missing the mark. To be truly successful we must be true to who we are.

We are spirit beings that live in bodies and have a soul. Alignment of these three aspects of our make up in their right order is crucial to experiencing true success. The spirit man is who you truly are and he governs your destiny. Feeding your body without nourishing your soul is like changing clothes without taking a shower. The outlook might look okay but the fact is that you are not fit to mingle with others comfortably.
Successful people nurture their spirit man by making daily time for spiritual nourishment. Make it a habit to feed your spirit man before you feed your body and you will experience unprecedented success in your life. Wisdom is reflected in wise investment. To invest in your spirit man is to make an eternal investment. Start strong by nourishing your inner man.

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