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Starting Strong # 8 Develop a support network

Life is so busy that we often forget to stop and connect with the people that matter to us until we find ourselves in a crisis. Suddenly we want people to surround us with love, to go the extra mile for us as well as be supportive in whichever way they can. But think about it, if the only time you connect with people is when you have a challenge, how do you expect them to respond to you?
It’s easy to get engrossed in the daily routines that we forget to call, text or even visit. I know from experience that I have to be intentional about making relevant connections with my support network. Your support network is people who you can fall back to, count on and they can expect the same of you. This could include close friends, family and even relatives. We all need these networks from time to time.

The journey to success can be lonely many times and you will need people to believe in you as well as encourage you to keep pressing on. However this does not happen in a vacuum, you need to be intentional about building strong healthy relationships by investing time and resources to support others in the ways you would love to be supported.
Life works in cycles and you will definitely reap what you sow. I have had to put reminders on my phone to call people in the middle of my busy schedule, gotten out of my comfort zone to visit nursing friends, attend vigils, burials and funeral services. Weddings are easy to attend compared to grief moments.
Bottom line is, you should have at least five people off the head that you know would come to your rescue any time of the day if you were in some kind of trouble. That is your support network, invest in them and keep it strong.

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