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Starting Strong # 9 Schedule regular stock taking

The aspect of stock taking is normally applied to accounts and book keeping however it can cut across many facets of our lives. We can take stock of our time, commitments, quality of relationships as well as expenditures. Personal stock taking involves taking into account your personal growth, milestones, setbacks and progress of your goal actualization.
The same way a business man takes time to stock take so as to be sure of how many goods he still has and to know when to restock is the same way we should review our lives periodically. We should schedule regular personal retreats where we review our activities, involvement and commitments in light of their impact on our personal growth.

Your life is like a business in which you invest and should expect returns. Whatever your invest in time, your talents or even emotions should be able to give you positive returns otherwise it’s a worthless investment. When we begin to look at our lives this way, it changes the kind of choices we make.
Whatever you’re investing your life in and is not giving you the desired results is simply a waste of your resources. It’s time you evaluated your investments so as to maximize returns for this year. Know when restock the right ingredients for your life and what is not good for you so you can delete it from your stock. You have been trusted with the responsibility to live your life, do so in the most appropriate way.

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