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End of month checklist

In case you think you still have a lot of time to accomplish things this year, think twice because the second month is already over. I love end of the month because it is time to stock take and evaluate progress over the last thirty days. The way you spend your hours will inevitably affect your days, your weeks and your months. Time is the most scare resource because once you lose it, there is no other opportunity to get it back. You have spent the last 30 days going through the notions of your life and the question is how exactly have you made the world a better place in the last one month?

I developed a criteria for my monthly evaluations that I would like to share with you. Its a simple set of questions that will help you keep in check as well as rectify what is not working well. Here is the set of ten questions that I use for my personal evaluation:
1. What did I set out to accomplish last month?
2. How much of that did I accomplish?
3. What didn’t I accomplish?
4. Why did I fail to accomplish the things that I didn’t?
5. What can I do better next month?
6. What were the major lessons learnt?
7. What specific new skills, knowledge or experience did I gain in the last month?
8. How many new contacts have I made in the last months and how can I use them to better my life and those of others?
9. What are my goals for the next month?
10. Who can help me accomplish these goals?
This simple set of questions will help you focus on what is important in your life and to keep track of your progress.
Once you have evaluated yourself, take the time to share your progress with an accountability partner who can hold you accountable for the goals you have set for the next month. All the best and you experience growth in diverse ways.

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