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Love Culture # 1 Love as a way of being

Welcome to February which is commonly known as the love month. This association comes from having Valentine’s day within this month. Love is a common word in our day and age yet one of the aspects of life that is least grasped in it’s entirety. Love is the most sang about, written about theme and yet on a daily basis millions of people struggle to grasp the meaning of love.
Love has been referred to as a good feeling, as butterflies in the stomach at the sight of someone you love and more still it has been defined as a choice. Whichever way you look at love, I invite you this month to embrace love as a way of being and not mere living. When you embrace love as a way of being, it becomes your nature to love. It ceases to be a feeling and it becomes your way of being. It’s no longer an effort but rather your character.

For a moment, imagine a world where we all embrace love as a way of being. Where loving others and all of creation is something we do naturally. I believe that is a world we would all love and enjoy living in. Probably you’re wondering what love is all about in the first place.
The best way to understand a thing is by referring to the manufacturers manual. God is love and in him we understand what love is in that we didn’t choose him but he loved us first and loves us all the way. By understanding the unconditional love of God, we begin to embrace this same love as our own nature having been created in his image. In receiving pure love, we learn to love. It’s impossible to give what you don’t have. For us to embrace the love culture, we need to have an experience of that culture and it’s way of being.
The greatest lover of all time is always open, ready and willing to love on whoever is willing to receive his love. A single experience with the love of God will totally transform your life for the better. His love is engulfing and the more you experience him, the more his love Will become your way of being. The love culture begins with an experience of the eternal love of the father. In knowing him, we find our true identity. I invite you to a higher way of living – the love culture!

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