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Love Culture # 15 Integrity

 Yesterday we shared about honesty and without saying, it goes hand in hand with integrity. If we could learn just one value to live by, it would be this: Success will come and go, but integrity is forever. Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. It takes having the courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences will be. Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose, so never allow yourself to ever do anything that would damage your integrity.
We live in a world where integrity isn’t talked about nearly enough. We live in a world where “the end justifies the means” has become an acceptable school of thought for far too many. We actually have more theories and principles to remember than we can live by. There is a fast flow of information that is almost impossible to keep up with for people like me who prefer to analyze and internalize everything.
It may seem like people can gain power quickly and easily if they are willing to cut corners and act without the constraints of morality. Dishonesty may provide instant gratification in the moment but it will never last. I can think of several examples of people in our day and age without integrity who are successful and who win without ever getting caught, which creates a false perception of the path to success that one should follow. However because it happens, it does not make it right.
For a leader, honesty and integrity are absolutely essential to survival. A lot of business people don’t realize how closely they’re being watched by their subordinates. In any organization, people want to believe in their leaders. If you give them reason to trust you, they’re not going to go looking for reasons to think otherwise, and they’ll be just as perceptive about your positive qualities as they are about the negative ones.
An act of dishonesty can’t be hidden, and it will instantly undermine the authority of a leader. But an act of integrity is just as obvious to all concerned. When you’re in a leadership position, you have the choice of how you will be seen, but you WILL be seen one way or the other, make no mistake about it.
We are all leaders in our different capacities and before we throw stones at those in observable positions of leadership, let us first examine ourselves. As an elder sibling, parent, team leader, friend and group members; how are you modeling integrity to the people around you? No doubt we all fail from time to time but the standards is clear and that is what we ought to be aiming for.
You will find yourself to be a much happier person when your words match your intentions and when your actions match your words. You will find yourself sleeping better when there are no half-truths or white lies keeping you awake at night.

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