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Love culture # 2 Love as a pattern

Every culture has its own language, symbols and patterns. The patterns are The systematic ways of doing things. This can be evidenced in the lifestyles, the rhythms, the celebrations, reward system and rituals. For example, when you go to a Moslem country it’s evident that they have different patterns from Christian countries. There’s a distinction in the lifestyle, the days celebrated and how they celebrate, religious rituals as well as things that are valued and rewarded.

The same applies to the love culture. It is a kingdom culture that has its own patterns and rhythms. This culture emanates from who we are as new creations created after the nature of God. Our culture is patterned in the way we live, talk, act, celebrate and reward others. Consistency is key to building recognizable patterns. What we do repeatedly becomes our habits and habits form our character. All sustainable change begins at the heart of any given system which is patterns or structures in organizational terms.
Embracing love as a pattern will require a certain level of being intentional about manifesting the love culture under all circumstances and at all times. To begin with, you might have to choose to live, act and do things in a way that represents the love culture. It won’t come naturally at first but consistency will break all resistance. The longer you live and do things a certain way, the more they become embedded in your way of being. Set days and times when you intentionally love on people even as you make the most of your daily opportunities to be a blessing to others. Remember it’s not what we say that matters the most but rather what we do. Develop a pattern of intentionally choosing to be a blessing to others and soon it will be your recognizable way of being. Together we can build a love culture in our communities.
Noeline Kirabo
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