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Love culture #7 Kindness

It has always baffled me how we tend to naturally be kind to strangers than the people we know. I guess it streams down to how we are raised to give a good impression on our families and up bringing. Naturally when someone is off we assume they were raised by irresponsible parents or simply put, the wrong way. It rarely crosses our minds that one could simply choose to be a certain way in-spite of how they have been raised.
One of the fruits of love is kindness. When we love people, it is inevitable that we express kindness towards them. Kindness is contagious, and it begins one person at a time. You and I can become the catalysts of a movement of kindness that is deeper and stronger than temporary movements of anger or evil. We have it within our power to contribute to a new culture which, over time, can become the prevailing culture. That is because not only is love stronger than hate, it is also infinitely more appealing.

So how do we begin to create a culture of Kindness? We all have it with in our power to express kindness, it is a matter of choice. Over the last couple of years I have learnt to count my blessings almost on a daily basis by choosing to see the good in every situation. This year I purposed to be a blessing on a daily basis by intentionally doing at least one act of kindness daily.
At first I thought I would run out of options but the reality is that I have more opportunities on a daily basis than I had anticipated. We live in a hurting world a little bit of kindness can go along way in ministering healing and encouragement to those around us.
We can practice kindness through different gestures in our relationships with other people. And in doing so we contribute to a movement of kindness, even in a violent and hurting society. Examples of kindness include:
Treat others with courtesy.
Listen with patience.
Appreciating others
Complimenting people
Offering a helping hand
Sharing our material blessings with those in need
Praying for people
Visiting others
Offering encouragement
Celebrating other peoples accomplishments
Express affection for others.
Tell people you love them. Then, reiterate that message. And then do something to show them you meant what you said.
Smile at people. Greet them with good wishes.
Do not forget the power of phrases like “Thank you,” or “I appreciate what you did for me.” You can continue adding to this list, as it’s virtually inexhaustible.
Love culture is what the world needs today and kindness is a major vehicle through which it is articulated. I challenge you to commit to doing at least one act of kindness on a daily basis and there is no doubt that the world will be a much better place for all of us. Embrace the love culture and its transform the world…

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