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Staring Strong #15 Use your words to your advantage

Words have creative power, the ability to build as well as to destroy. How we use our words determines the fruit of our lives. We can shape our destines through the confession of our mouths because life and death lies in the tongue. The tongue though a small member of the body has the power to shape the course of your life hence use your words to your advantage.
Be your own cheerleader no matter what the situation looks like. Be intentional about speaking life in your situation. Make a conscious decision to speak and confess only that which you desire to accomplish with your life. Pay close attention to the meditations of your heart because from the abundance of our hearts we speak. Your confession will follow your meditation, you can’t change one without changing the other.

Your words coupled with faith are your greatest weapon against fears and challenges. Positive confession is one of the keys that unlocks greatness. Successful people have mastered the art of energizing their goals through positive confession. We are by products of our thoughts and confessions. To change your life, you must change your thought pattern and confession. Whatever you give attention to grows.

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