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Staring Strong #16 Embrace a long term perspective

Visions that are sustainable bear a long term perspective. People who think only in the present are more prone to achieve temporary short term success while those with a long term perspective build legacies. If you are building a sustainable business, company or organization then you must have a vision that cuts across generations. The mission can always change but the vision is a constant. Be a visionary with a long term perspective.

A lot of people spend their time and resources planning for the short term in hope that the future will take care of itself. Unfortunately what you don’t plan for never gets done. The only thing that grows effortlessly is weeds, anything of value must be cultivated and given the right conditions to grow. The bigger the vision, the more time it will take to cultivate it.
As an entrepreneur you must stretch your vision to anticipate the needs of five, ten, twenty and even one hundred generations from now if your vision is to stay relevant. Envision the possibilities while allowing room for flexibility and adaptation. Invest your life and efforts in visions that have the capacity to out live you, anything less of that is a survival kit. Make your life and vision count by embracing a long term perspective of things.

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