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Starting strong #20 Get Vulnerable

A couple of years ago I viewed vulnerability as a weakness and would do anything in my power to keep myself from being viewed in that light especially by people I deemed important. It took me years to realize that vulnerability is actually a strength and not a weakness. It takes real strength and courage to let your guards down more so when everyone expects you to be strong.
Learning to unmask and allowing people to see you for who you really is a core aspect of leadership development. People relate best with leaders who they deem to be real and vulnerable. Vulnerability is a mark of true strength because it embodies authenticity and courage. We all honor people who are able to show us their scars while inspiring us with their stories.

Every leader needs a core circle is accountability partners with whom they are real. We all need people with whom we can share our deepest fears and highest aspirations. I have come to appreciate the value of such people in my life. You don’t always have to be strong but rather you can always be you and let people know you for who you really are.
I have had moments as a team leader where I have had to admit failure to make the most appropriate decision or not even being aware of what the best alternative is in a given situation. I have learnt to seek counsel from my subordinates and to take advice from them when need arises. This has not made me any less of a leader but rather has strengthened my team members commitment to the common goals of the team.
We can stand tall when we stand on the shoulders of giants and this can only happen when we become vulnerable with the giants that let us into their lives. The world has so many fake products, there is no need for fake people. Be you, be vulnerable and allow people to appreciate you for who you truly are.

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