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Growing Your Organization #1 Develop the leaders

All success or failure boils down to leadership abilities and being an effective leader starts with self. Leaders model what they want their followers to know and do. Therefore all leadership begins with personal proficiency that solicits the cooperation and trust of others who choose to follow you. Leaders succeed by enabling others to do the right work right.
To change the direction of the organization, change the leader. When you set you heart to grow the organization, you must start by growing the leaders. The leadership abilities of those who lead will greatly influence the effectiveness of the organization. To grow your team, invest in growing the leaders who will inevitably grow the rest of the team.
Personal proficiency is the ultimate rule of leadership and it starts with knowing oneself. Who a leader is becomes a key prediction of what they can help others to become. When leaders have personal insights into themselves, they will be more able to lead others. By creating an atmosphere of continued growth, we enable leaders to stay alert, innovative and creative as they steer the team to the fulfillment of it’s mission.
As a team leader, I invest enormous amount of time in personal study and development. I strive to maintain a reading culture and a sense of curiosity that enables me to research about different aspects of my work. The worst position for a leader is complacency which is normally birthed out of boredom. To keep your leaders on the cutting edge, keep them engaged and challenged. Curiosity is the bait for leadership development.
Help leaders connect their signature strength and passion to their work demands. Passion is our life source and drive, it comes from our deepest values and needs. The leaders ultimate passion, is the passion they will create in others. By connecting their abilities to their passion, leaders find meaning in what they do which enables them see the world as it can be and not as it is.
Effective leaders are lifelong learner’s, encourage your leaders to continue growing and developing their abilities. You can do that by organizing

workshop’s, reading challenges, exposure visits and even rotating them in different departments to challenge their abilities. As an organization, find a talent development model that works and stick with it. When the leader grows, the organization grows too.

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