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The Winning Attitude: Clarity of vision

Welcome to 2018!

Now that you have made it to the new year, what next? Indeed its great to have you alive however your presence on earth should count. Its not the years that you live which count but rather the quality of life you create over the years. You need to be intentional about the quality and quantity of life that you create.

New year season is an exciting time for many people because its a new phase of their lives that bears unlimited opportunities and possibilities. Exactly 365 days ago you were at a similar spot in your life. You had the opportunity to write a new chapter of your story and that chapter ended yesterday. You yet have a fresh page and pen to write another chapter of your life story, how well you write is a matter of choice.

Begin by thinking about the things you desire to accomplish this year and write them down. Its not enough to write things down, you must envision them and have the final product printed on your heart. See the end before you start pursuing the course. Become enthusiastic about your aspirations or else they become mere wishes that never come to pass.

Passion combined with commitment is what will determine the outcomes of your life this year. Whatever you passionately commit to is what you will accomplish. Don’t just wish and want things to happen, be committed to working through the process until goals materialize. Be a goal getter not just a mere goal setter. The two are distinct and differ in many ways.

Make this year count, begin with a big clear dream of what you want the year to be like. Envision what you want your life to look like at the end of this year and start working towards it. Each day pursue that vision and daily commit to it. When the going gets tough, replay the final results of your labor and keep pressing on. Life is a matter of choice not mere wishful thinking. Determine today what your year will look like and start working towards it each day.

Wish you a fruitful and bountiful 2018!!

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