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Winning Attitude 11: Identify High Priorities

 Certain things can’t be over emphasized and prioritization happens to be one of those things. We are taught to have priorities right from childhood and yet that is one of those things that we never seem to get a grip of right into our adult life. We know what needs to be done and the urgency of each task yet somehow it keeps slipping away and getting lost in all the other things that scream for our attention. We plan, budget, schedule and yet still we fall short of the mark when it comes to things that ought to be of high priority.

When you develop the habit of setting priorities and concentrating single-mindedly, you will be able to accomplish virtually anything you want in life. The core strategy has been the primary reason for high income, wealth creation, and financial independence for thousands and even millions of people. Your ability to determine your highest priority and then to work on that high priority until it is completed is the primary test and measure of your willpower, self-discipline, and personal character. It is the hardest discipline to develop but also the most important if you want to be a big success.

Your high priorities will differ through the different stages of life, this means it is not a one size fit for all. You will have to review your priorities from time to time to ensure that you are still on the right track. Single out the things that only you can do and if you did them well would give you the highest return on your investment. Among those, focus on the things that you do so well and excel at because these will motivate you to take on the other tasks where you might not be the best player and challenge you to improve.

Time is your most scarce resource so you must learn to manage it efficiently. Commit to things that give you the highest value for your time investment. Learn to distinguish things that are urgent and unimportant from the things that are urgent and highly important. Also note that not every urgent thing requires your immediate attention. Mothers master this when dealing with toddlers, not every scream will necessitate an immediate reaction then learn to read between the screams to know which ones require immediate attention.

Commit to working single-mindedly on one task, the most important task, and staying at it until it is 100 percent complete. Persevere without diversion or distraction. Push yourself to keep working at the job until it is done. Develop the habit of sticking at it until it’s done even when you feel tired, bored or unenthusiastic. This discipline will translate to other aspects of your life.

The good news is that by continually setting priorities and concentrating on your highest value tasks, you will soon develop the habit of high performance. This attitude will then become automatic and will virtually guarantee you great success in life.

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