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Winning Attitude 13: Maintain Steady Progress

 Life is full of uncertainties, sometimes things will not go according to plan but you must keep pressing forward at all costs. Set backs are part of the journey to success and you must learn to pick yourself up after every fall and continue moving. Success is like climbing mountains; just as a mountain climber who has reached one peak must go down into the valley before climbing to another peak, your life and career will be a series of ups and downs.

Sometimes life will offer you lemons and it is best that you learn how to make lemonades, sell then and make some extra bucks off that season. If life was to be a straight line, where would the challenges that push us to excel be. As a matter of fact, challenges are the spice of life and how well you enjoy them greatly depends on your attitude. Some people view mountains as an end in itself while others view them a pointer to a beautiful valley beneath that must be explored. When you change your perspective, you adjust your sail to best suit the weather conditions.

All business life is made up of cycles and trends. There are up cycles and down cycles. Often, trends in business can lead to a complete change in the industry. We see this today with the Internet and the expansion of technology in all directions, which are changing many of our fixed ideas and beliefs about the way business is done. Sticking to the same way of doing things will not get you so far. In this information age, information has an ever shortening lifespan so there is point in hoarding information. Pass on what you know and make room for the new after all it is just a matter of time before someone else shares it.

Being on top of your game today does not guarantee that you will still be leading your industry tomorrow. The best learners and adopters tend to stay on top of their game longer than the rest of us. It is paramount that you increase your adaptation pace. The faster you adapt and master new skills, the greater the opportunities you will attract and hence the money that you will be able to make. When the tides change, be ready and willing to make the necessary adjustments, adaptations and refocusing to get you to your next big deal.

Keep reminding yourself that everything in your life moves in cycles and trends. Be calm, confident, and relaxed with short-term fluctuations in your fortune. When you have clear goals and plans that you are working on every day, the general trend line of your life will tend to be onward and upward over the years. Plan two, three, four, and five years into the future however leave room for necessary amendments. A clear sense of direction will keep you on track amidst demanding schedules and deadlines.

A man who knows where he want to go but loses his way is much easier to direct than one who has no idea about where he wants to go. Losing track and pace can happen from time to time but losing clarity of the big picture is fatal for any leader. Keep moving and ensure you are moving in the right direction.

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