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Winning Attitude 3: Take Charge

Life is not determined by what happens to you but rather by how you choose to respond. We have so many people who go around feeling and acting like victims of circumstances. They blame others for the outcomes of their lives and continue to sit around waiting for luck and fate to come their way. Well the truth is, life is what you make of it. You are in charge of your life and must determine how you want your life to run.

From this moment on, you must accept complete- 100 percent responsibility for everything you are and everything you will ever be. Refuse to make excuses or to blame other people for your problems or shortcomings. Stop complaining about things in your life that you are not happy about. Refuse to criticize other people for anything. You are responsible. If there is something in your life that you don’t like, it is up to you to change it. You are in charge.

When you see yourself as being in charge of your life, you develop a go getter mentality, the mentality of highly independent, self-responsible, self-starting individuals. Instead of waiting for things to happen, you make things happen. You see yourself as the captain of your own life. You see yourself as completely in charge of your physical health, your financial well being, your career, your relationships, your lifestyle, your home, your car, and every other element of your existence. This is the winning attitude!

People who take charge are intensely result oriented. They always take high levels of initiative. They volunteer for assignments and are always asking for more responsibility. As a result, they become the most valuable and respected people in their circles of influence. They continually prepare themselves for positions of higher authority and responsibility in the future. You should do the same. You should take charge of your life and keep aiming higher.

A victim mentality is detrimental to your career, relationships and even health. You blame everyone else but yourself for the outcomes of your life. Remember you have the power to change any situation, the ability to rise above any failure and the ingredients to start living a better life. It all begins in your wind and the attitude that you wear. The most expensive outfit in your wardrobe is not the designer clothes, it is your attitude! Make sure you have the right attitude to facilitate the actualization of your dreams, goals and aspirations.
Reach for the stars and you can only do that by taking charge of your life. Own the choices you make and learn to deal with the consequences. Develop emotional muscles to withstand emotional shocks and storms. Your resilience will fuel your commitment only when you are convinced that you have what it takes to win. And indeed you can win if you decide to because you are in charge of your life and destiny!

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