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How to become financially independent 15: Law Of Magnetism

The law of magnetism has been a primary reason for wealth building throughout history. This law explains much of success and failure in every area of life, especially in the financial arena. Money goes where it is loved and respected. The more positive emotions you associate with your money, the more opportunities you will attract to acquire even more. That is why it is so important for you to start accumulating money, no matter what your situation. Put just a few coins into a piggy bank. Begin saving even a small amount of money. That money, magnetized by your emotions of desire and hope, will begin to attract more to you faster than you can imagine.

Automatically divert a percentage of your income into a wealth building/financial freedom account. Get in the habit of building wealth for retirement even if you are paying down debt now. And set aside something to give to the charities and causes you care about. Nothing builds a sense of abundance like the ability to give to others.

When you want to become a money magnet, you must understand that money has a relationship with gratitude. Because the thought of money either makes you feel positive or negative most of the time. If it makes you feel positive then that’s great. But if it makes you feel negative because your focus is on the lack then this is where Gratitude works like magic. No matter how much money you have, but when you feel grateful for having it, your vibration will change. When you feel grateful your vibration will become positive and then you can attract as much as you want. Be open to receive more from the Universe. When someone invite you for a lunch or dinner and wants to pay the bill, accept that offer and be in the receiving mode. When someone is offering you a surprise gift, be in the receiving mode. Whenever you are getting something as a surprise, receive it happily. Sometimes you may deny such offer, but by doing so you are not staying in the receiving mode.

You teach the universe how you want to be treated with every choice you make. Let go of what others think about you, and be true to yourself. Clear the clutter and energy drains in your life. Most people never get more in life because they never feel like deserving more in life. The moment you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for. Your power of attracting money always depends on the beliefs you have about money. And your beliefs build upon the thoughts that you have for money.

Surround yourself with Success. Hang around the people who’ve mastered what you want to learn, and you’ll evolve yourself that much faster. I call this Success by Association. We naturally take on characteristics of the people we are around the most. If you want to be financially free, spend your time with financially successful people who share your values. Pick up their mindset and practices for wealth building. Your worldview and your behavior will naturally shift to support more abundance and prosperity.

Everything in the universe is energy, including your thoughts. The happier and more upbeat you feel, the higher your energy. Money is energy. and depending on the energy you’re vibrating can have an effect on your wealth. Your thoughts about money on a conscious or unconscious level, can have a massive influence on your finances.

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