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How to become financially independent 3: Manage your expectations

“You don’t always get what you want in life, but you always get what you expect!”
It is one of the basic principles of life that before we can achieve anything we must first believe that it is possible. The Principle of Expectation explains how our attitudes about money, the way we think about money, determine our financial future. All individuals have a potential for prosperity and financial success when they expect and plan for them.

Our subconscious mind controls our behavior, moving us in the direction of our expectations and in this case relative to the way we think about money. Note carefully, it is not in the direction of our wants or wishes but of our expectations This is what expectation is all about. Expectations, when believed in strongly enough, positive and big enough to unleash your full potential, can bring you tremendous results. They are an unbelievably effective tool that can help you reach success and live your ideal lifestyle.

If you are not expecting to be as successful as you would like, think carefully about the limitations you are placing on yourself due to your attitudes about money. Try to understand why you think about money the way you do. Realize that nothing is more important than your attitudes about money, the normal way you think about money, and consciously adopt a positive expectation of success.

We cannot always choose our circumstances but we can choose our attitude toward them. Here is a critically important insight into the working of the human mind. Attitudes are no more or less than thought habits; we can change attitudes like we change any other habit, by substitution and rehearsal of a new truth. If we discover that negative attitudes about money are holding us back we can use the same technique to change our thinking. We can repeat to ourselves, “Every day in every way I am becoming more successful with my money.”

Once you get past thinking these external factors are preventing you from becoming prosperous you are well on your way. But in addition to expecting prosperity mentally, you also have to make specific plans for success. Expectations and planning are closely linked. When you expect to do something (say take a vacation) you automatically start planning for it. If you don’t start planning, it is a dead giveaway that you don’t really expect to do it! And when you expect the plan to be carried out, you begin acting on that plan almost immediately.

One way you can help assure that you are among the successful people and not the observers is to move from thinking to doing by deciding right now to pick up a pen and begin writing. In moving from thought to action it is helpful to set up a notebook or file folder system where you can collect your personal thoughts and plans. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but writing will really help you move ahead. Successful people set out definite goals for themselves. Others don’t. But the real kicker is that those who write out their goals and plans outperform non-writers by as much as a hundred times! Get that pen and start writing.

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