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Millionaire Mindset series 1: Your personal growth is proportionate to your financial growth

Your income can only grow to the extent that you do! It is a hard truth and yet a fundamental wealth principle. The secret lies in the fact that you have to become a better person first, one who understands that happiness comes from within, one who understands that by changing thoughts and habits, anything is possible including overcoming the worst of the financial difficulties.

As you grow, you will be able to implement new strategies into your business, your relationships will improve, you will gain more skills, you will improve as a leader, as a friend, as a family member, a lover. The more you grow as a person, it has a major impact on all areas of your life. Once you change yourself, once you grow, everything will change for you. We need to stop thinking about the external environment and the Seasons of Life. We need to start to think about ourselves and how we can overcome limiting beliefs, how we can grow in self-confidence and understand that anything we want to do can be learned.

Let’s think about it traditionally: if you were to start a job with no qualifications, you’ll be starting at the bottom of the ladder earning minimum wage. If you are studying, whatever degree or qualification you’re after, your income will increase in direct proportion to your experience.
You don’t have to go to university to learn certain strategies that can improve your life. You don’t have to enroll in courses to improve your life. There is so much information nowadays on the internet that if you are aware enough of understanding you need to improve, you can seek the information and grow.

We have experts that have shown us the way through books, audio books, training programs. So much information is free, you name it, you can get it. If you want to learn anything, you can. It’s actually within our arm’s reach. You can Google anything and learn it there and then. This is why the more you learn, the more you earn.

Even once you’ve succeeded, you’re always going to need to improve and guess what’s in the middle of all of these steps put together? It’s your personal development. Life is never going to be a smooth path. We are going to have challenges and limiting beliefs and days when things just don’t work but it’s all about trying and trying and it’s going to happen one day.

Nothing happens if you don’t take action, so I’m here to hopefully inspire you and say to you that it doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed the first time or the 20th time because you are going to get to the 40th time, 60th time, or 80th time and it’s going to happen!

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