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Millionaire Mindset series 6: Money Is A Measure Of The Value You Create For Other People

Broke people think that there isn’t enough money around however to create wealth, you must be able to create value. You cannot have the first without the second. Wealth is the creation of value between two parties. The most important word in this definition is value. Wealth is all about adding Value for yourself and others.

So money is something you have to take from other people, and by taking money from someone, you have more and they have less. Money is simply a means of exchange, it was created to represent the value of those goods, and help people exchange goods and services more easily. This means that money flows to the people that are providing the most amount of value. If You Create More Value, You Will Make More Money.

You create value by solving problems for people, and giving people what they want! “Value” may have a different definition from one individual to another, but in terms of creating wealth and success, Value is precious, has tangible worth and is sought after. If you want to start making more money, start by adding more Value to the organization in which you serve. The reality is that if you are doing the bare-minimum at work, or you do not have the same level of skill-sets that others have, you are at an extreme disadvantage. More so, if you are not adding as much value as you possibly can you will never attain the Wealth or Success that you desire.

The amount of money in your bank account is simply a reflection of the value you have been creating and delivering to people. Remember: you get paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace. A business is simply an interface between a group of people with a common set of problems (a ‘target market’ or ‘niche market’) and a set of solutions (the ‘value’ that the business provides). The more value you create for them and you give them, the more money they give you in exchange!

I came across this statement that resonated with me and changed my perspective about wealth and success; “I hate being broke! Being broke means I am being selfish with my gifts, intellect, ability, and love. Being broke means I am too afraid to stand on my own two feet, and instead must rely on getting a salary from someone. Being broke means I am not adding huge amounts of value to lots and lots of people!”

Adding value is an investment in your future and will help you display the kind of responsibilities that you’d like to later wield. By adding value, you are expanding your horizons, gaining experience, and obtaining a better understanding on how things run. Continue to contribute, and pretty soon, you will stand out and be noticed. Recognize value, provide it, build on it, and increase it. That’s just one of the many ways that you can increase your chances of obtaining Wealth & Success.

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