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Millionaire Mindset series 19: Master Marketing & Sales

Life starts with hardcore selling and ends with hardcore selling. Whether you believe it or not, sales is the first skill that a child learns – he knows within a few days of his birth that it is his adorable smile and scrunchy face making that will earn him cuddles and chocolates from the grown-ups. And, if he is with a group of babies, then maybe a bawl will do the trick. The math, sales tactics and skills are perfected within the first few months, which are then polished throughout life.

These skills are then used at work, where it is of utmost importance. At the workplace, you not only sell yourself (the personal brand), but also the organisation that you work for and its products. So, everything that you have acquired in life till now, and will acquire in the future – all of it is a result of selling something – your skills, talent, organization’s brand or products.

What so few of us are willing to accept is this fundamental truth: Great salespeople, like great athletes, simply do the basics very well. Some of us would like to believe that there’s a shortcut around the basics; that, if we could only find it, there’s a secret formula out there somewhere for just sitting back and letting the money roll in. The sooner you get rid of that illusion, the sooner you can get on with reaching the heights you want to reach through effective use of the basics.

We all meet new people all the time in social situations, at events for our children, at church, in non-sales business settings. The key to success in selling is to refine your skills during these initial contacts to become memorable to the other folks and to remember as much about them as possible so you can impress them even more on your second meeting—which, hopefully, will be a selling situation.

If there’s one thing salespeople know, it’s how to talk. A good salesperson, though, must also know how to listen. Active listening allows you to better understand where your client is coming from and modify your pitch in the moment to make it more effective. This is the best way to handle objections and apply the correct closing techniques.

“Marketing is about sharing your gift. And wealth is about adding value to large numbers of people. But how can you add value to people if you don’t know how to reach them?!” Dan Kennedy. In business, marketing and sales are basically about communicating to a target market, ‘Hey! Hello! We have these solutions to your problems, over here!” It is simply the process of communicating the benefits of your offer to your market.

Learning to apply the right sales techniques at the right time is essential to successful selling. Of course there are several ways to increase profits in a business, but the one that you will always have the most control over is how you choose to sell. And mastering this art will unlock more doors than you can imagine.

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