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Millionaire Mindset Series 28: Act Fast

There are two types of people – those that will make it happen (act fast) and those that will look for reasons not too (the crawlers). True success comes to one that chooses to make it happen, one that acts fast and takes all out massive action, having fun and being a little crazy is what guarantees success.

No matter what you do…until someone tells you that you are crazy, you are not working hard enough and taking action fast enough. For any success in life, you need to take all out massive action and be obsessed! Be on fire every day and don’t let anyone put it out! You have to be bold…don’t wait for anything. Be a little crazy and go for it! In doing so you will build a life you don’t need a vacation from and create the lifestyle you were meant to live.

Avoid paralysis from analysis. What this means is that people often feel they need to do more and more analysis and crunch more and more numbers and do more and more market research until they are at a point where they wasting valuable time. They start to stand still from getting confused, they become more fearful about what to do, and most of the time remain in the analysis phase because they fear moving forward. Keep in mind, you will never have enough information to feel totally secure about making these decisions. You must use the best information available and your gut instinct (internal feelings about what is important to you, what excites and juices you, what you are passionate about, what your strengths are, and what you enjoy doing).

Successful entrepreneurs understand there is always some risk and never any guarantees, but there is a time when you have to stop evaluating. You must make a decision on what you want, then commit, act and become! Even a turtle has to stick its neck out to go forward!

To act fast you also must stop focusing on the obligation (the work to do) and start focusing on the prize (what you will get). You have to abandon those ridiculous fears holding you back. You have to be prepared to pay the price (take massive imperfect action) to get paid the price (all the rewards you want). Freedom and greater quality of life does not respond to WANT! It responds to ACTION! Knowledge and dreams build belief….and it is excitement and constant action (acting fast) that is the secret to success.

Accelerated success comes from being “Passion Focused” and “Purpose Driven”. Don’t go looking for the distractions: doing urgent and unimportant things – the Drama! Make sure to manage this BS so you can attack your Opportunities. Don’t let your day be consumed and wasted by the distractions all around you, and especially the things that you are not passionate about.

Make sure you know what you want, what you love to do and why you want it. Then go get it fast! Make sure to spend the majority of your time in the day on what is important to you and what you have passion in! If you don’t know what you want, you will find yourself easily distracted and caught up in the many nonsensical and time wasting requests happening in your environment.

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