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Millionaire Mindset Series 29: Think Independently

Independent thinking is such an important point that shouldn’t be overlooked. In a lot of instances successful entrepreneurs will say, whatever the masses are doing, do the opposite. They think independently and recognize and follow their gut instincts, and then they stick with it. They like being the boss, setting their own goals and making their own decisions. Independent thinkers ultimately do what they want, when they want, where they want, with whom they want and as much as they want!
They continually engage in independent self -reflection and self-evaluation. They all began with a self-evaluation and they continue to do this on a regular basis. Some entrepreneurs never knew what they wanted in life or what their large goals were until they started to do some amazing self-reflection (independent thinking). They may have started with certain goals and as time went on, their goals changed, or expanded.
They seek to add value to others constantly. If you want to set up a business to increase your income on a whole new level, you must devise a way to consistently add real value to people’s lives and you will prosper. You must every day continually expand your knowledge, your skills and your ability to give more. You must figure out a way to take something of tremendous value and deliver it to a mass number of people; then you will prosper. Adding value is not just creating products, it is finding a way to make sure that more people experience more, an increase in the quality of their life.
They also find a way to break through the debilitating chokeholds, some of which were: No spare time, not enough money, no support from family and friends, and fear. The common factor in breaking free from each of these chokehold solutions is psychology and independent thinking and decision making.
It is the decisions that we make through independent thinking, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny. The decisions we make will determine how fast we achieve success. We make three kinds of powerful decisions every day: what to focus on, what things mean, and what to do.

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