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Traits Of Irresistible People (TIP) # 16: Be A Person Of Your Word

Society today simply does not prioritize keeping one’s word. And we tend to rationalize it: Things happen – no big deal. Most of us thus fail to recognize just what a serious character issue breaking our word is.
When you say you are going to do something, do you actually follow through and do it? When you say you’re going to meet somebody, do you actually meet them at the time you stated you were going to meet them? When you’re going to do a favor for somebody, do you do that favor or does the person have to ask you to do it over and over again?
Living life with integrity means actually committing to the things you say and to the actions that you promise. Nothing irritates me more than when someone tells me they are going to do something, and then I have to keep reminding them to get it done. Recently I adopted a new habit of not reminding people about appointments because if it is important then you will schedule it and synchronize it with your calendar thanks to smart phones. I find it unnecessary to have to remind you about an appointment that we both agreed to, it just doesn’t settle in well with me.
In business, if you have to ask someone somebody five or six times to do something, then it means that person is really not a good worker and doesn’t take pride in their work. Even in a personal setting, you should never have to ask a friend to something several times before they will do it. The same thing is true in a relationship.
How can you become a person of your word?
1) Be careful what you promise. If you’re not sure you can deliver, don’t commit.
2) When you can’t do it, admit it. Learn to say no.
3) Once you’ve said it, do it. Do whatever you must to remember and then fulfill what you said, without excuse or hesitation.
4) If you blow it, admit it. Don’t lie or make up an excuse. When you make a mistake, apologize and do what you can to fix it.
When our words don’t match our actions, we lose a measure of healthy ownership and control over our lives. Careless language undermines our relationships, chips away at our sense of self and decreases our personal power. Words and language patterns are powerful forces of creation. They articulate our reality. They put our dreams and goals out there for the whole world to see. They define our agreements. And they are the cornerstone of personal integrity.
Every time we speak, we create a road of some sort. The quality of that road, and how far it goes, will be directly related to how well we maintain our integrity with our words and language choices. Become somebody who commits to your word, and other people with really respect you so much more. Even more importantly, be a person of your word so that you can respect yourself.

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