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Traits Of Irresistible People (TIP) # 19: Be A Peace Maker

We are living in troubled times; tension, strife and conflict paint the scenes of our daily occurrences. People are living with pent up anger, resentment and frustration that is bound to erupt at the slightest interface of discomfort. Like it or not, the violence we see in the world today is a byproduct of the internal turmoil that we harbor at personal levels.
Over the years, we’ve seen singular people who rose to the occasion in dark times—people who were peacemakers. I’m thinking about people Martin Luther King Jr. or Mother Teresa. But in the age of social media, the masses now hold the megaphone rather than just a few people. So perhaps instead of looking for one man or woman to bring leadership to our current troubles, we need a multitude of people willing to influence those around them in useful, valuable ways.
Peacemakers are not those who ignore issues or try to smooth things over without actually resolving the issue. Peacemakers are willing to put themselves in the middle of conflict and point towards important, unchanging truths. A peacemaker is willing to lay down his or her life to advance the lives of others, if necessary.
If you’re not laying down your preferences, discomfort and self-righteousness, then you are probably not serving in the role of peacemaker. You can become a peacemaker by actively seeking to resolve places which are broken and hurting in our world. You have influence or at least the opportunity for influence around you—family, co-workers, church members, your online network and anywhere else that you regularly visit.
What better opportunity to influence others do we have than by being a voice which values the dignity of everyone? By refusing to choose sides in arguments, but instead taking the side of love and caring and dignity. If it was easy, it probably wouldn’t make a change in our world. People are willing to do easy things. People are not always willing to do healthy things.
In life, we have the opportunity to create any habit we would like. Creating a habit of centering ourselves each day can do more for us than we could imagine. I’ve found that the more I practice finding peace within, the more peace I find around me, and the more peace that I find, the more peace I have to share with others.
One practical thing you can do today to practice finding more peace is to see everybody as equal. Release subconscious judgments and see each individual for the Essence of Life which they are. If you want to take it a step further, then not only see all people as equal, but see all things as equal.
We are the Peacemakers we have been waiting for. Each of us has the possibility within to lead the world in a direction of compassion and peace. The best way for us to empower our world in this direction is to find a place of peace within ourselves.

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