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Clouded Judgement

If you have had a grain of dust stuck in your eye then you can agree with me that a small grain of sand  can feel like a whole bail of soil in your eye. It feels like a whole block is stuck in your eye and yet this is far from the truth. It is hard to stay still because of the discomfort thus the call for immediate actions. This is because the feelings attached to this scenario magnify the magnitude of the actual effect so we tend to respond hysterically because of how we feel and not based on the size of the grain.

The same is true for failure. The reason we sometimes make permanent decisions in the midst of temporary situations lies in the emotions attached to the situation. Because you feel overwhelmed, you think that is the end of you. The feeling will pass but the consequences of those choices will stay.

Failure is truly a perspective, it is how you choose to view the situation. There is always another perspective to every dimension of life. Often times what we perceive to be failure is just a set back, detract or simply a stumbling block. It is not the end in itself but in that moment we convince ourselves that things will never get any better.

Failure is a natural part of life. We all fail at different points of our lives and the most important thing is how we choose to deal with failure. One of the interesting aspects of failure is how we choose to view the situation. I am one of those people that can really be hard on myself. I tend to beat myself up before anyone else does and some times will keep doing so long after everyone has moved on. I am certain that I am not alone in this situation.

Before you beat yourself up, try these two approaches.

Like in the case of the grain, it is always important to get second opinions from people who are more level headed than yourself. Seek other people’s perspectives about the situation to give you insight on what you might be feeling. Take your time before making major decisions under such circumstances. Let the emotions wear off before you decide.

One important discipline I have learnt is to sleep over things. Let it lie for a night and get back to it tomorrow. When you wake up, you might have a better perspective and thus be better positioned to make an informed decision. The world is not coming to an end simply because you feel that way. The earth is still spinning and life still goes on. Don’t lose perspective because of how you feel.

You are not a failure because you feel that way, you are a failure only when you choose to see yourself that way. Failure is a perspective, a phase and a moment so don’t let it define the entire course of your life. I know it is easier said than done but always rise up, dust yourself and take another step in the direction of your dreams. You are made for more, don’t settle for less even when it hurts to take another step. Unlock your potential and be unstoppable.

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